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Russian federal business publication Daily Moscow

Our mission is to provide readers with unbiased findings and verified information

Russian federal business publication Daily Moscow

«Journalism exists to keep the authorities mindful of their obligations and the society – of its ideals»

We write materials about business, politics, economics, personal finance, and give coverage to important social problems and phenomena. Along with that, we write a column on Lifestyle where we talk about the hottest trends and highlight world events in the industries of fashion, real estate, and tourism. Our mission is to provide readers with unbiased findings and verified information.

Daily Moscow rigorously follows international journalism standards set by the International Federation of Journalists.

The authors working for Daily Moscow are experienced journalists with their education stemming from the school of business news anchors and reporters in Russia.

The experts contributing their materials to us are scientists, political scientists, journalists, NPO leaders, financiers, and entrepreneurs.

We believe that journalism does exist in Russia. The very same journalism with its core principles where social accountability, objectivity, honesty, and fidelity of information are appreciated by readers.

Daily Moscow is read by people from all over Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union. Our readers are businessmen, managers, individuals with a proactive approach to life and broad outlook. The average age of our audience is adults over 30 years.

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