Putin's palace. The story of world's biggest bribe

Putin's palace. The story of world's biggest bribe

This video was recorded by Navalny before his return to Russia, but we decided to publish it afterward: Alexei didn’t want the main character of this investigation — Vladimir Putin — to think that we are afraid of him and that we can uncover his biggest secret only while being abroad.

Today you will see, what is believed to be impossible to see. We will visit places, that are forbidden for everyone.

We will be Putin’s guests. We will see with our own eyes that this man in his craving for luxury and for wealth, became completely mad

We will uncover who and how financed this luxurious property. And we’ll witness, how the largest bribe in history is being given over the past 15 years, as well as how the most luxurious palace is being built. Alexei was detained immediately upon his arrival after his 5-month treatment in Germany. 

Now it’s our turn to fight for his. Putin has to be accounted for his crimes.

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